At the Berwick Y, strengthening our community is more than an ideal—it’s our cause.  Because we believe  everyone deserves a chance to succeed and that can happen only when we nurture the best in all of us.
Every day, we work side by side with our neighbors in our community to make sure that everyone, regardless of age, income or background, has the  opportunity to learn, grow and thrive. The Y gives children, families, individuals and the most vulnerable members of our community the support and  resources they need to be healthier, more connected, confident and secure. Big change can happen by transforming one life at a time.
“As a single parent I can’t afford to give my kids much and my disability makes it hard to be active with them. I don’t want them in the streets  after school. They love the after school program and I know they are safe.”

Single mom with household income of $18,525
Financial assistance keeps the Y available for kids and families who need us most. We count on the  generosity of our members and community to help people of all ages and from all walks of life be healthier, more confident, connected and secure. When you give to the Y, your gift will have a meaningful, enduring impact right in your own neighborhood.
We applied for a scholarship because our child was born with multiple special needs and we couldn’t afford a membership. He made great strides over the past year and his physical therapist believes his progress has continued because of using your pool.  Allowing the whole family to join let us support him    as a family unit.”

Mom, family of 5, income $32,000.
For more information on  exactly how donations are used, please contact our CEO, Nick Pajovich at 570-752-5981 or ceo@berwickymca.org.