We understand it can be intimidating to begin a new exercise program and make healthy lifestyle changes. We are there with the support, guidance and encouragement you need to make
 the leap. OurHealth Coaches are certified personal trainers who will help you get connected ands stay engaged to help you achieve your wellness goals


Designed to help those who are new to the YMCA or looking to advance their physical activity, our equipment orientation will help you become acquainted with the equipment available for use in our Wellness Centers and will help insure you exercise properly and safely. One of our Health Coaches will meet with you individually to discuss your personal goals and provide a thorough explanation of proper workout technique along with a custom designed workout routine. Equipment orientations are by appointment only and are free to members. Appointments may be made at either the Membership Desk or the Wellness Center.



A Personal Trainer will test your muscular strength and endurance, flexibility and cardiovascular health. You will also receive a total body assessment with our Omron Total Body Sensor. This total body assessment will include body weight, BMI, body fat percentage, skeletal muscle percentage, visceral fat level, resting metabolic rate and body age. Your Health Coach will also discuss with you how your results compare to the normal ranges for your age and gender groups.



We understand it can be difficult and intimidating to begin a new exercise program so we created FitStart. 
  • Featuring three sessions with a certifiedpersonal trainer and options to encourage, motivation and nutrition:
  • FitStart doesn’t judge, it encourages and connects you with solutions to help you meet your needs. FitStart doesn’t lecture, it empowers you to change your life by teaching you how.  
  • FitStart doesn’t offer cookie-cutter solutions, it listens to your needs and creates a partnership to support you as you work toward  your goals.
Upon the completion of each four week period you will have earned a free Personal Training session. Complete the entire program and you will earn a total of four free Personal Training sessions along with a custom fitted YMCA T-shirt.